Sports Massage 


Providing sports massage for athletes, both professional and amateur, in Boise, Idaho, is a personal passion of mine.  I am dedicated to helping my clients figure out what might be contributing to their chronic injuries or pinpointing the cause of a new injury, and supporting them to get back to full health as quickly as possible. I also work with athletes to maintain their flexibility and resilience and help them recover from training more efficiently to prevent injuries and help them perform at their best.  

In my experience, recurring injuries can be prevented with the right support. When I work with an athlete, we first identify any past or current injuries and possible causes, discuss your training regimen and goals, and then determine a treatment plan. My treatment plans emphasize communication, proper breathing, ice and heat therapy, myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and active isolated stretching, along with suggested home care.

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Jason Ardiles

Licensed Massage Therapist

(208) 713-6562

I once worked with a rock climber who had broken his ankle about six months prior and I was impressed by how well-healed his ankle was with very little scar tissue and good range of motion. After talking to him, I realized it wasn’t just massage therapy and physical therapy that had helped, it was his experience with past injuries. He knew his body and what it would take to get his ankle back to health and was diligent with ice/heat therapy, stretches, and strength exercises. My goal is to help all my clients develop this level of awareness, so they can feel they are working with their body in the healing process.


I am a sports fan and grew up playing competitive soccer. I currently enjoy working out at the gym or at home, kicking the soccer ball around, and cycling and hiking around the Treasure Valley. In 2017, I decided to go to massage school, in large part to focus on sports massage and working with athletes to treat and prevent injuries, so they can do what they love with less pain and more success.

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