Outdoor Enthusiasts 

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I enjoy working with outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds - hikers, bicyclists, rock climbers, and anyone who uses their body for their recreation or profession. I can help those who want to maintain their fitness so they can climb that next mountain, hike that last mile, and explore the next horizon. 

In today’s society, where people spend so much of their lives indoors, I believe getting fresh air and moving your body in nature is more important than ever. I think connecting with nature and moving our bodies with focused breathwork will be the renaissance of healthy living for ours and future generations. 


At your first session, we will discuss the ways you use your body, any past or present injuries, and your personal goals. I will then offer a treatment plan using myofascial release techniques, cupping, breathwork, trigger point therapy, heat and ice therapy, isolated stretching, and deep tissue massage, with an emphasis on communication, to achieve your goals.

I have been a massage therapist since 2019 and an outdoor enthusiast my whole life. I enjoy spending time in nature with my partner and kids, in and around Boise, ID, cycling, hiking, and camping. Currently, I am starting my training to be an instructor of the Wim Hoff Breathing Method, and I hope to bring this important modality into my practice in the near future.

Jason Ardiles

Licensed Massage Therapist

(208) 713-6562


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