Our Story

Gwen and Jason have been partners in love and life since 2012 and navigating business together since 2014, when Gwen started her own massage practice, with Jason as her webmaster, graphic designer, and emotional support person. In 2017, we made the huge leap of moving with our two kids, then seven and nine, across state lines to make a new life for our family. It was then that Jason decided to take the plunge and go to massage school, a possibility that had been in the back of his mind for years. Meanwhile, Gwen traversed the ups and downs of starting her practice over from scratch in a new place. In 2019, Jason joined the practice officially as a licensed massage therapist and we opened a new studio later that year. 


In the summer of 2020, amidst local and global upheaval, the winds of change blew us here to Boise, Idaho, where we’re happy to be putting down roots in our new home. In 2021, we finally tied the knot and solidified our partnership. We’re proud to say we’ve supported each other through all the growing pains and transitions and that our family is standing strong. We look forward to serving our new community and continuing to grow and learn together while supporting you, our wonderful clients.

A image of our Family in a camping trip