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I work with amateurs and professionals from all fields who want to help themselves get over certain hurdles that have been bothering them, either recently or chronically. I will work closely with you and talk about the goals that you want to achieve, whether there is a certain nagging injury that has been bothering you, you want to improve your performance, or set a healthy foundation for a lifelong passion.

I have worked closely with Dustin Silva, the co-author of Anatomy of Guitar Playing. We have helped each other overcome bad habits through observation and discussing technique and ergonomics. We have also spent many hours in conversation about the philosophy behind creating a healthy relationship with one’s passion. I truly believe that longevity for your passion comes through objectivity, reflection, mindfulness, and a focus on health. 

For musicians, I can assess your posture and playing technique and evaluate if there is anything I see that may be causing your injury. Likewise, if you work at a computer or play a sport or do pottery, we can discuss your posture, ergonomics, and technique, and I can evaluate through observation, if possible, any habits that may be contributing to discomfort or injury. I will then offer a treatment plan using myofascial release techniques, cupping, trigger point therapy, heat and ice therapy, isolated stretching, and deep tissue massage, with an emphasis on communication, to achieve your goals.


My philosophy

The Treatment

"I truly believe that longevity for your passion comes through objectivity, reflection, mindfulness, and a focus on health"


I have been playing music for over 20 years and have studied various forms of music, from classical to flamenco guitar to modern music. When I was about to turn 30, I experienced my first injury in my right wrist. At that time, I was practicing flamenco and it involved a lot of repetitive motions to master certain difficult techniques. I came to the conclusion that the posture of my wrist wasn’t aligned and I had to relearn my instrument with proper technique. It took a long time to eliminate bad habits that were detracting from my playing, but it inspired me to study massage therapy to help fellow musicians, as well as any person who has a passion that is causing them pain in their body. 

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