COVID-19 Update

UPDATE 5/10/20:


You may have heard that Oregon is beginning to slowly reopen and we have been getting more calls and emails lately asking if we will be opening soon. Here is what we know: Yes, some parts of Oregon will be able to enter Phase 1 of the reopening plan as soon as May 15 and, yes, massage therapy is included in the personal services that will be allowed, with appropriate precautions, in Phase 1. However, counties need to meet seven criteria, including adequate testing capacity and contact tracing, and then apply individually to enter Phase 1. As one of the largest and most densely populated counties, Multnomah will likely be one of the last counties to reopen. At this point, we are estimating early June at the soonest. We will keep you updated as we know more and when we have received official guidelines from our county and the massage board.


To Our Dear Clients,


As of Tuesday evening, March 17, we have decided to temporarily pause our practice for the health and well-being of all. We will be canceling all appointments through the end of March and will re-evaluate at that time. We will be keeping a running spreadsheet of all canceled appointments by date so that we can give appropriate priority when rescheduling.

This has been a day-by-day and sometimes hour-by-hour decision for us over the past week, as the seriousness of the virus in the US has come to light and new information and recommendations have come out. We want you to know that in the days before we decided to close entirely, we followed every available guideline for seeing clients as safely as possible and that we were constantly evaluating risk factors, screening and checking in with every client individually, pro-actively canceling any clients in vulnerable populations or with known risk factors, and practicing near-total social isolation ourselves outside of work.

New updates we have received this week have made us feel that, despite all of these precautions, pausing our practice at this time is the best course of action for the common good now and in the long run.

We know so many of you, as are we, are probably in shock and just trying to process all the new information coming in and all the changes that have occurred in such a short time. We're happy to share any of the information and resources that we have come across. Let us know how we can support you during this time and please feel free to reach out via email, text, or phone, even if it's just to say hello. It's so important to continue to feel connected to one another right now and sometimes those little check-ins can make all the difference in your day.

We encourage all of you to take the public health recommendations seriously and isolate as much as possible now to set us on the best possible course for the future. Please remember that it is not about each of us individually, it is about all of us together. When we take these steps, we are not thinking of ourselves. We are thinking of my 88-year-old grandmother, currently on lock-down in her senior care facility, cut off from all of the usual activities that give her day routine and meaning. We are thinking of our immune-compromised friend who had to move out of his house because his housemates refused to practice social distancing. We are thinking of our numerous friends who have existing health conditions like asthma and diabetes that make them far more susceptible to serious complications if they were to get sick.

On our end, we are physically isolating ourselves as completely as we can, as we feel this gives us the best chance of being able to return to practice sooner. It is our great hope that, with the measures we are all taking now, we can have some return to normalcy soon.

This will be a challenging time for us financially, as we have put everything into this practice and it is our sole means of income. Your support now means so much to us, as it ensures that we will be able to return to practice and support all of you when the time is right. Here are some ways you can support us right now (and know that most of these apply to any of the small businesses you know and love that are impacted or have had to temporarily close):

  • Purchase gift certificates for friends and loved ones - this gives us some cash flow now and gives them something to brighten their day and look forward to. You can purchase gift certificates online or with us over the phone and they can either be emailed directly to the recipient or emailed to you to print out.​

  • Book a prepaid session for yourself or someone else - again, this gives us some income now and gives you a guaranteed session to look forward to. You can do this online or with us over the phone. Our schedule will be open currently for existing clients only to book now for April 1 and later, but know that the date we are able to return to practice may be pushed back.​

  • Purchase some of the quality products we sell to support your relaxation and well-being at home. Right now, you can do this with us over the phone and we can arrange either local delivery or pick-up. We will have an online store up and running soon. Some of the products we offer include aromatherapy blends; balms and oils that promote relaxation, ease pain and inflammation, and nourish the skin; CBD bath salts; organic lavender and chamomile heat packs; self-massage balls; and silicone cupping sets for home use.

We will likely be communicating with you much more via email in the coming days (as opposed to our normal newsletter every six or seven months!) as our usual hands (and feet)-on method of communication is not available to us right now. We plan to put together some special packages and other offers that can be purchased now for later use and who knows what other creative offerings we will come up with during this time! Subscribe to our email list below to receive the latest updates from us and please be in touch. We are thinking of all of you and your families and wishing you well. 

From our family to yours,

~ Gwen and Jason

Gwendolyn Low, LMT #23750

Jason Ardiles, LMT #25004


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